4 Most Popular Types of Bedroom Shelves (and How to Decide Which One to Buy)

To improve your bedroom design, you should consider getting shelves. However, with so many different types of bedroom shelves, it is hard to decide which one to buy. You don’t know which bedroom shelf will perfectly fit your needs and preferences. So, how do you overcome this obstacle?

Read on to learn the four most popular types of bedroom shelves and how to decide which one to buy.

Suspended Shelves

If you’re looking for easy and cheap to install bedroom shelves, then consider suspended shelves. All you need to do is install a (shelf) bracket to a particular surface to install this shelf. The good thing is that you can install several brackets to create display/storage space.

The major limitation of suspended shelves (Fixed Bracket Shelves) is that they’re hard to move. Removing these shelves leaves ugly holes on your bedroom walls. Besides, these shelves are relatively old and may not work with modern bedroom designs.

Floating Bedroom Shelves

The floating shelves are a modern improvement of the traditional fixed bracket shelves. These shelves offer a wide range of designs and shapes. So, compare these designs and shapes to decide the ideal one for your bedroom. Also, use this blog http://journal.tylko.com/7-how-to-tips-to-help-style-your-bedroom-shelves/ to learn how to style bedroom shelving.

The target is to have an elegant and modern bedroom shelf that offers ample storage space. However, only install floating bedroom shelving if you have no plan to change your bedroom design soon. The reason is that it’s hard and costly to remove the floating bedroom shelves.

Free-Standing Shelves

If you’re looking for a moveable bedroom shelf, then consider free-standing shelves. These shelves are designed to offer space to place decorative items such as flowers. So, compare different types of free-standing shelves to decide which one to buy.

Pull-Out Shelves

Given that few people have access to your bedroom, it may be the perfect place to store your valuables. So, to store items such as jewelry, invest in pull-out shelves. You can install these shelves for bedroom in your closet. The idea is to have secure storage space for your valuable items.

Transform Your Home by Picking the Perfect Bedroom Shelves

Most people often forget the bedroom when reviewing room shelves, which is a mistake. Consider bedroom shelving to improve your bedroom’s design and create additional storage/display space. Compare the above types of bedroom shelves to decide which one(s) to get.